Passion Vaporizer Cannabis Product Review by Party on Tours

Passion Vaporizer with Precise Dosing

Today, we Party On with the passion medical cannabis oil vaporizer by dosist (recently rebranded from hmbldt).

$40 for 50 doses from MedMen LAX


Recommended for:

–         Medical marijuana users with dosing guidelines

–         Recreational users who are unfamiliar with vaping

–         Sharing with friends of different experience levels, like the party bus on our California Wine & Weed Tour

Not recommended for:

–         Very experienced users

–         Budget conscious partiers


Dosist has solved a common problem: we don’t know how much of the active ingredients – THC, CBD and others – that we ingest per inhale. This innovative, disposable (or recyclable) vape cartridge vibrates when you have inhaled a precise dose. This is perfect for MMJ users, who want to consume in accordance with doctors instructions. It’s also great for novices who don’t know how much to vape and don’t want to overdo it.

As an experienced partier, it was not an ideal value for money. Dosist recommends 3 “doses” of cannabis oil per hour for experienced users. I took 3, and I could definitely feel it, but  after about 20 minutes, I took two more. Five doses equates to $4 worth of the product, and I was only mostly high. I switched back to my trusty THClear vape pen to finish the job.

As for the “passion” element, the jury is out. Dosist claims the product, “combines the best of the plant’s pleasure enhancing cannabinoids and terpenes into one targeted formula… to increase your sensuality and sexual experience naturally.” It didn’t not work, but there wasn’t a noticeable effect.

Passion by dosist includes 185mg of active ingredients, 88% cannabinoids and 12% terpenes. It’s an 11:1 THC:CBD and includes accessory cannabinoids that are not named.

Reviewed by Party On Tours Chief Party Officer (CPO), Courtney St