PopCultivate Dinner Review by Party On Tours

PopCultivate Dinner Review

May 20, 2019
Edibles, Product Review
$85 per person, sign up for the invitation mailing list at https://www.popcultivate.com/

Today we Party On with PopCultivate, a cannabis supper club based in LA. Huge thanks to Dizz & Lily, who attended, photographed and reviewed this dinner! Each course was available with 10mg THC, and diners could chose, by course, whether or not to include it. Dizz & Lily went all in for us!

Menu & Program
7:30 Aperitif: roof top vodka tasting, DIY with an array of unique garnishes
8:05 Moved to dining room with communal tables
8:20 Starter: Asian fusion chicken wings, 10mg THC
8:40 Salad: blood orange and grapefruit salad, 10mg THC
9:10 Soup: oxtail dumplings with pho bone broth, 10mg THC
9:45 Starting to feel mild effects of THC
9:48 Main: salmon, potato, and roasted broccoli, 10mg THC
10:20 Dessert: passion fruit tart with blueberries and blueberry dust, 10mg THC

The idea of a cannabis supper club is makes me feel so LUCKY to live in a state that has ended prohibition! But cannabusinesses, like all businesses, have a responsibility to communicate clearly and set expectations accurately. PopCultivate delivered an exceptional evening, but not quite the evening they promised.

From Dizz & Lily
  • Each course was dosed at “10mg” (which I think is debatable). Overall the high never reached more than a 3/4 out of 10, which made for nice dining experience considering you’re sitting at a communal table with strangers.
  • The food itself was wonderful! There wasn’t a course we didn’t like, each was better than the next, on par with what you’d expect locally in LA at a casual restaurant like Plan Check.
  • The only big “issue” was the lack of info about what we were eating. They didn’t tell us what each course was. When having a 5 course set meal, each dish is usually introduced with a description (if not some fanfare). The people involved and running the dinners didn’t seem to know much at all about what we were being served or anything about what they were using to infuse the dinner.
  • Their tagline is “FOOD x SCIENCE x ART”, but we eventually learned that they just dropped THC on top of each course – it was not really “infused”, and there was no evidence or discussion of paired terpenes. The science, if present, was not communicated.
  • The dinner invitation included “4 craft terpene cocktail pairings” which never materialized. The only drink options offered by the hosts were water and 1 glass of POG (pineapple, orange juice, & guava juice), meant to help cleanse the pallet between courses. We found out once we were there that it was BYOB and socially acceptable to bring your own alcohol. A woman at the opposite end of the table brought a bottle of wine and shared with our whole table. Water-only and BYOB is not a problem, but really should be communicated in advance.
  • The invitation included an “immersive art experience” or “performance”. Like the science, the art was missing – except for how beautiful the food was!
  • Oh, and the 7:30-9/9:30 dinner schedule was thrown out the window when the main course didn’t arrive until almost 10pm and dessert around 10:20. If you’re on a time schedule (which I hope if you’re attending one of these events you aren’t) this could present an issue as well.
Safety first

Even though they didn’t feel “impaired”, Dizz & Lily took an Uber home. If the four terpene cocktails had been provided, they certainly would have needed it. If you’re looking for 420-friendly transportation to a cannabis-infused dinner (or anywhere else you plan to consume) let Party On pick you up! Our luxury limo Party bus drivers will get you safely home – or wherever you’re headed after dinner.

PopCultivate Dinner Vodka Tasting
Vokda tasting with unexpected garnishes
PopCulture Dinner Chicken Wings
Cannabis-infused chicken wings
PopCulture Dinner Orange and Grapefruit
Orange and grapefruit salad
PopCulture Dinner Oxtail Soup
Oxtail dumping soup pho
PopCulture Dinner Main Course Salmon
Salmon and broccoli
PopCulture Dinner Tart
10mg THC tart
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