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Milk KUSH Mascara

March 9, 2019
Product Review

Milk Makeup, KUSH High Volume Mascara Product Review

Today we Party on with KUSH mascara, $24 on Milk’s website:

Recommend for: no one who expects a quality product
Not recommend for: flake free volume

Mascara is my “must have”

So let me admit my bias upfront: mascara is my thing. I take it very seriously. If I could only have five things in my makeup bag? Mascara, of course. If I was going to be stranded on a deserted island and I could only take two things, one would be mascara. If I could have lunch with anyone, past present or future, I’d be wearing mascara. And if I was going on our California Wine & Weed Tour… you see where this is going 😉 It’s my must have. So when my sister found Milk Makeup’s KUSH High Volume Mascara, she (also a mascara devotee, cannabis not so much) picked it up for me to try.

The Pitch

Milk Makeup claims their KUSH mascara is conditioned with hydrating, hemp-derived cannabis sativa seed oil. The packaging is witty, with phrases like “one hit for high volume”, “hiiigh volume”, “puff puff brush” and “naturally lit”. Unfortunately, the packaging was the best part of this product.


Milk claims that 90% of KUSH mascara users report that their lashes appear thicker, longer and more lifted. The before and after pics on their website make it clear that they mean compared to not wearing mascara. I, on the other hand, was comparing KUSH to my trusty, name brand, inexpensive mascaras that are widely available. I put on three coats of KUSH and couldn’t get the pop that I normally get from two coats of the CVS stuff. I’ve included before and after pics for you to see (with and without mascara). Separation and length were passable. All in all, not bad, but I can do better with less. By 10am, it was flaking and I had mascara dust under my eyes. Yet I was undeterred. You see, I really wanted to report back to my sis that I loved this gift, and so I persisted.

Milk Kush Mascara Product Review - Before
Before Milk Kush Mascara
Milk Kush Mascara Product Review - After
After Milk Kush Mascara
The review

My personal theory is that second day mascara is best. (I know – and vehemently don’t care – what they recommend about removing mascara every night.) The mascara remnants left the next day make the ideal base for more mascara! Kinda the way dirty hair can be easier to style because it has some texture and grip. So the next morning, I put on more KUSH, using the first day as a base. Visually, I got a similar result, but the flaking started immediately and I brushed away mascara dust all day.

Maybe I was expecting too much from just one mascara? In fact, I almost always combine two different mascaras for the most POP. On day three, I tried pairing it with one of my usual mascaras. I used KUSH on clean, bare lashes, hoping for hydration from the cannabis oil, and then layered my go-to volumizer over it. I was again disappointed by flakes! And officially out of tricks to try.

Cannabis is a many-splendored plant, with untapped benefits for health and wellness. As legalization increases its foothold and opens the doors to scientific and medical testing, we’ll find many more uses for, and benefits of, marijuana and hemp. But this product from Milk Makeup is an example of a company jumping on the green rush without any evidence for including cannabis derivatives in their products. As a proud stoner, I find it insulting that they didn’t feel any need to sell me a decent product. As a marketer, I can’t respect a company that relies on punny packaging to sell a product that no one would buy twice.

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