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Master OG

March 20, 2019
Leaf, Product Review

A to B Gardens’ Master OG Product Review

Today we party on with Master OG flower.

Recommended for: relaxation, taming anxiety
Not recommended for: highly active or social days

Stop and smell the cannabis

I don’t usually review flower, mostly because I have almost no sense of smell. That’s actually a good thing. When I do smell something, it’s rarely pleasant. So I’m content knowing that I’ll never detect the stone fruit notes in a wine. Hell, I can’t even smell the lemon in Lemon Haze. The terpenes that give their smell to marijuana are also pivotal to the strain’s effects, so I know I am missing out on a large component of the plant by not being able to smell it. When it comes to cannabis reviews, I usually stick to products I can experience to the fullest.

A masterpiece

But this Master OG – this was something special, and I had to share. Not for its brute strength. Testing at 22.493% THC (0% CBD, no other cannabinoids listed), it’s certainly potent – but far from outstanding in this respect. No, I fell in love for the peace that Master OG brought me.

Most of us who use cannabis daily are medicating something. For me, that’s anxiety, manifesting in compulsive busyness. Professionally and even personally, that leads to some of my best qualities: drive, ambition and orderliness. But not being able to turn it off isn’t healthy. Cannabis helps me turn it off at the end of a long, productive day; it helps me just sit down and relax a bit.

Master OG did that better and faster than any flower I have used in a long time. One puff makes me peaceful and relaxed. THC is a component of that, but other high-THC strains can exacerbate my anxiety. Being an indica is possibly a component of that, but the more we know about indica/sativa, the more we realize that may be a mischaracterization. I wish I could learn more about the terpene profile, because I imagine that’s where the secret lies. It didn’t wipe me out or make me drowsy or stupid. That said, I wouldn’t try to operate heavy machinery or be the life of the party bus.

Master OG Product Review Party On Tours
Master OG Nugs
Master OG THC Content

I’m actively looking between LA and San Diego for where I can get more from A to B Gardens. I see other brands selling the same strain, and I might break down and get some delivered, just to try. I’d rather not. I’ll have to keep looking…

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