Mango Kush Motivator Pre-Roll Product Review

Cannavative’s Mango Kush Motivator Pre-Roll Product Review

April 6, 2019
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Cannavative’s Mango Kush Motivator Pre-Roll Product Review
$24 from Planet 13, Las Vegas

Today we Party On with a Motivator pre-roll that we picked up on a recent long weekend in Vegas. It’s just too easy to get there from Orange County, and I love to explore brands that we don’t get in California. Because cannabis is not federally legal (yet), companies can’t ship across state lines. Generally, we only have access to products that are made and distributed in state. So the beautiful Planet 13 in Las Vegas was a treasure trove of new brands and products. My favorite find was a hash oil vaporizer pen! We also enjoyed this Mango Kush Motivator.

Recommended for: per Cannavative’s website, this is recommended “for the more advanced customer”, but I think it’s for everyone and would be great to puff puff pass around
Not recommended for: the budget conscious – for that money, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I expected a little more; maybe that’s the Las Vegas tourist mark up, compared to a local / residential price

A perfect roll

I give Cannavative high points, technically. It was packed perfectly and hit just right. It burned evenly around the joint and didn’t start running down one side. The white ash indicated a high quality flower, free of pesticides, additives and contaminants. It even put out well, and did take a big unburned cherry with it! A high quality production system, to be sure.

This Mango Kush Motivator was 1 gram, comprised of .8g of “our highest-grade” flower and .2g of honeycomb (a wax-like extract). With a potency of 48.08% THC and a low 0.13% CBD, I expected to be knocked on my ass in a few puffs. It just didn’t pack the wallop of a punch that I would have expected from a product “for the more advanced customer”. That’s okay – not every product has to get me stupid. This could be shared with tokers of a variety of levels, and more novice users should take it slow.

What really surprised me about Vegas is the breakdown of the cannabinoids and terpenes. I’ve never seen a terp profile at the point of sale in California. I would love this information when I’m making purchases at home!

Cannabinoid profile: THCa 54.08%, THCd9 0.65%, CBDa 0.14%, CBGa 3.54%, CBG 0.53%
Terpene profile: Caryophyllene 0.67%, Myrcene 0.21%, Limonene 0.21%, Humulene 0.15%, Linalool 0.12%

Motivator preroll even burn
Motivator pre-roll terpene profile
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