LOL Edibles Cannabis Product Review by Party on Tours

LOL Edibles Pot Chips

May 31, 2018
Edibles, Product Review

Today we Party On with LOL Edibles Hot Cheese Sticks in Pablo Escobar OG – Indica
$15, 300mg THC, Medical Marijuana, from Budman OC

Recommended for:
• Medical patients, according to California law
• Variable dosing

Not recommended for:
• Recreational patients, according to California law
• Anywhere children are present, as they could be mistaken for a snack
• Satisfying your munchies , because it would be too easy to overdo it

Today we Party On with LOL Edibles Pot Chips. This specific review is of the Hot Cheese Sticks with Pablo Escobar OG Indica, but their Chili Cheese Fritos are also delicious – and also may have a new name. The first time I tried the Hot Cheese Sticks, they were called Hot Cheetos. I’m guessing that someone at Frito-Lay caught on to the infringement on their registered trademarks, Cheetos and Fritos, hence the change to a generic descriptor. (The cannabis industry has some growing to do regarding respect for intellectual property, and also possibly confusing children… I’m looking at you Weetos and Cannamon Toast Crunch.)

Fortunately, a Cheeto by any other name is just as delicious, and LOL Edibles Hot Cheese Sticks rank very high among edibles on taste. They’re good, like, want to keep eating them good. But don’t! I have a pretty high tolerance, so when I was told “5-10 full size sticks”, I took 10, and it was perfect. For just a second, when they started to kick, I worried that I had overdone it, but it settled into a very comfortable high. For folks who are new to edibles, I recommend starting with three sticks and giving it a full hour (or two) to kick before deciding to dose higher.

What’s nice is that the bag of cheese sticks lets you choose more or less at any time, depending on what you want to feel right then. For others with a high tolerance, you could probably go higher than 10, if you can spare the time relaxing. Five to seven would be great to be active and social. (Of course these are all based on my tolerance to marijuana edibles. For reference, I will normally have 20-25mg THC from edibles when I want to be more active and social, and 35-40mg when I’m chillin at home.) There are 3-4 doses at 10 sticks per dose. They can get stale, so don’t let them lay around for too long.

Full disclosure, this is an unsubstantiated opinion, but: I’ve never felt that LOL Edibles products were working on the same THC measuring scale as others. For example, a Cheeba Chew with 100mg THC is 4 doses for me – about the same as this bag with 300mg. I’ve noticed this with LOL’s sour belts and other products as well. Interestingly, Budman OC charges $15-16 for all three of these products, while higher potency products are typically more expensive. I don’t think LOL Edibles is doing anything deceptive; I would chalk it up to a different processing procedure or measuring method.

In California, recreational marijuana edibles are capped at 100mg of THC, which must be divided into servings of no more than 10mg. To be sold as 300mg products, LOL Edibles must be clearly marked and can only be purchased by patients with a medical recommendation. Apologies to recreational users, as these are not available for you. I hope LOL Edibles will do some repackaging, because they make great products that should be enjoyed by all.