Los Angeles Hollyweed Museum Review

Hollyweed Museum Review

August 12, 2019
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Today we Party On at Weedmap’s Museum of Weed in Hollywood.
$35 general admission; students, military and first responders get discounts

Recommended for: anyone in the LA area with a passion for, or curiosity about, cannabis
Not recommended for: Friday afternoons – the traffic leaving LA took twice as long as the exhibit

Weedmaps’ Museum of Weed offers a visual tour of modern cannabis history. Weedmaps began the journey pre-prohibition, demonstrating the widespread use of hemp for American goods of all kinds, before delving into the legal and cultural demonization of marijuana. Then they take the visitor through marijuana’s comeback, from the hippies in the 60s to 90s pop culture. The impact of the HIV/AIDS crisis and the heroic role of the LGBTQ and supporting community is given thoughtful attention. As is the War on Drugs, with a focus on the communities of color that were impacted most severely and unjustly. (There’s so much more to say, and so many incredible visuals that I would love to share… but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who might go. If you are not able to go and want to see more, we’ll share more pics on our Instagram account. Please give us a follow while you are there!)
Museum of Weed Review

The final exhibit, the Plant Lab, truly surprised me. As I walked in, I immediately recognized our modern language around cannabis… and I almost tuned out. I took a perfunctory walk around the exhibition, barely paying attention, when I noticed a terpene smelling station! I’ve previously mentioned having an underperforming nose, so even though I smell cannabis all the time, it all smells “like pot” to me. Sniffing the isolated terpenes gave me my first chance to experience myrcene, β- caryophyllene, and the other primary terps that are not as abundant and recognizable as limonene and pinene. The Lab continued to hold my interest with other interactive ways to experience the science that industry talks about every day.

I also want to give a shout out to the exceptionably-hospitable staff. Every person we encountered, from the security to the café, was friendly and professional. As we walked through the exhibits, we were greeted by literally every staff member. They offered to take pictures, assisted with interactive exhibits, and were truly the icing on the space cake. Thank you all for the genuine hospitality!

My only complaint was LA traffic! It took two hours to travel 25 miles, from the museum out of LA. The exhibit itself took a little over an hour. By the time I caught a train home to South OC, I had spent more than five hours round trip. I wish I had booked myself a 420-friendly Party bus instead – then I wouldn’t have cared!

Hollywood Museum of Weed Interactive Plant Lab
420-friendly transportation to Museum of weed
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