Caliva House Doobie Product Review by Party On Tours

Caliva’s House Doobie Indica Preroll Product Review

May 8, 2019
Leaf, Product Review
$5 in stores, or $7.50 from Puffy Delivery – but only about $5.50 after a promo code

Today we Party On with an indica House Doobie from Caliva. Puffy Delivery brought this to me for about 50 cents more than it would cost in the store… so clearly no point in getting out of my pajamas! (Or, as I call them, “work clothes”.)

To be honest, I threw this into the delivery order at the last minute – after imagining a little experiment. A few weeks back, I reviewed The Motivator, an exceptionally high quality preroll joint from Cannavative. I gave it perfect marks for quality control, but admitted to being a little underwhelmed at the $25 high. So let’s see how the $5 “house doobie” stacks up. (Did I mention I have the best job ever?!)

Recommended for: a Party indacouch or on a budget

Not recommended for: weed snobs, high functioning times, or a curated cannabis experience

Caliva House Doobie Product Review
First Impression

My first thought was, “This looks just like the free joints they were passing out like water at that party.” I was on the clock that night, and it was a great party, but I didn’t consume. They were kind enough to send me home with a few leftover joints, and I hadn’t gotten around to smoking them. Sure enough, the Caliva doobie is on bottom indistinguishable from the free ones pictured above.

The House Doobie was packed fairly loosely. It lit just fine and smoked relatively evenly at first, but the loose pack led to some canoeing (uneven burn). The ash kept falling off before I intended, even though I’m very cognizant of ashing appropriately, and was a bit darker than the white ash I’m used to seeing. Depending on who you ask, that could mean that it wasn’t flushed properly to rid it of chemicals or that it wasn’t cured well. While many in the cannabis community take greyer as a sign of inferior bud, it’s important to note there is zero scientific research to indicate what white or grey ash means. Based on that, is a slightly darker ash really an indicator of anything? We’re not sure, and it doesn’t have to be a disqualifier for anyone who doesn’t want it to be.

Second Thoughts

I’m not too good for a little grey ash, but after a few years of legalization and high quality prerolls, I admit I was unimpressed by the indica joint. Then that doobie hit! First, I got stuck on the couch. “I’ll be right back,” I said… and then I didn’t even get up for five minutes, watching absolutely nothing on the television. (No idea when I got “back”!) A bit later, I tried to accomplish a few things, but I was stupid and even making some eggs was futile. Indacouch indeed! An hour and a half later, the munchies finally kicked in and I showed signs of life, but I was still pretty pleasantly stoned. I was also very pleasantly surprised, given the potency: it tested at 14.87% THC for 89.22mg of total THC; 0% CBD in this joint.

Caliva House Doobie Label
Calive House Doobie Which Is Best Value
The Verdict

So which preroll was “better”? I can’t offer a definitive ruling. The Motivator, with its exceptional production quality, is great for sharing with, or gifting to, weed snobs. I’d proudly pull it out on a Party bus or Bud & Brew tour, where I could enjoy it socially precisely because it didn’t “knock me on my ass”, get me “stupid”, or “pack a punch”. But the House Doobie sure did! And sometimes, that exactly what I’m looking for. I’d gladly have this again at home, when there’s nothing to do and there was no one to impress… or with the kind of friends who feel like home and wouldn’t make too much fun of me for zoning out for a few minutes.

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