California Legislature Votes to Make Cannabis Party Buses Illegal

September 26, 2019
September 25, 2019 – Orange County, California. On September 12, the California Legislature voted to ban cannabis party buses in California. This move will put California’s many cannabis tour operators –primarily small businesses – out of business and drastically reduce cannabis tourism and related taxes that benefit the
The newly approved legislation sits on the desk of Governor Gavin Newsom. He can choose not to approve the legislation, but it would require a line-item veto. The cannabis party bus ban was enshrouded within the amendment to Assembly Bill 1810, a transportation omnibus bill. There was no collaboration with industry on the legislation, and there was no scientific foundation for the concerns of the Committee on Transportation.

Since February of this year, the California Senate had pending legislation to put greater restrictions on cannabis party buses. California Senate Bill 625 was a fair bill that put in place common-sense policies to protect tour operators, drivers, customers, and minors. On September 5, SB-625 was made inactive.

The objection to SB-625 was on false grounds that the driver cannot be effectively protected from the intoxicating effects second-hand cannabis smoke and would experience a “contact high”. Under SB-625, tour operators were required to have a division between the driver and passenger compartments with separate ventilation to ensure the cannabis smoke and vapors were ventilated out of the vehicle and the driver was effectively separated from second-hand smoke. With this in place, there is no possibility of a “contact high” impairing the driver, per the NIH and NIDA findings related to experiencing intoxication from second-hand cannabis smoke.

Instead of passing vetted legislation in collaboration with industry, the assembly quickly banned cannabis on party buses. With California set to become one of the worlds’ largest cannabis tourism markets, the legislature voted to kill the industry instead. This catastrophically or mostly damages the cannabis tourism operators who made a legal investment in a responsible business venture in accordance with Prop 64. Instead of permitting educational and safe cannabis experiences for residents and tourists alike, it leaves Californians without the opportunity to hire a designated driver when consuming cannabis.

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