PLUS Cannaibis Infused Gummies Product Review

PLUS™ Cannabis Infused Gummies

September 3, 2018
Edibles, Product Review

PLUS™ Cannabis Infused Gummies

Product Review

Today we Party On with Plus’ indica cannabis infused gummies in blackberry & lemon.
$18 for 20 servings of 4.5mg THC and 0.5mg CBD at Bud & Bloom

Recommended for: All occasions!

  • Productivity and mental acuity
  • A great mood
  • Sharing with people at different experience and tolerance levels – like our 420-friendly party bus!

Not recommended for:

  • Can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t enjoy this…
  • Getting lazy stoned
A word about packaging

Before getting into the official review, let’s talk packaging. This was my first edibles purchase since California began strictly enforcing packaging laws in July 2018. The gummies are inside a tin, which is inside a childproof ziplock-style bag. The marijuana content is clearly labeled and all gummies are in ~5mg portions – serving sizes being an important aspect of the new rules. (No more 1000mg brownies, which is good and bad!) A triangular warning label with a marijuana leaf inside clearly marks that this is not candy. And despite the gummy format, the look, feel and branding is fairly sophisticated and designed to appeal to adults.

The package is also labeled with testing information, including a batch ID. While the packaging label says this product includes a total of 90mg THC and 10mg CBD, the batch test sticker is more specific: 95.8mg THC (4.75mg/serving) and 8.49mg CBD (0.42mg/serving). The great budtender at Bud & Bloom – rated one of the US’ 10 most beautiful dispensaries and located right here in Orange County – said that now that all products are being tested, some are coming back lower than manufacturers had claimed. So testing will keep everyone honest and also protect users from unregulated and imprecise overdosing.

The manufacturing date is clearly marked, so I know I’m not getting a stale batch – but with the new testing and packaging laws, the shops are a bit barren and I wasn’t worried. In fact, this is the only gummy that Bud & Bloom had, when I went in a few weeks back looking for my favorite Flourish gummies. Stores are slowly replenishing, but there is still a lag on getting stock that meets current compliance laws.

The review

Okay… now to the Plus gummies! I’ve enjoyed these a few times now, and I can honestly say the 9:1 THC:CBD indica has enhanced my day each time. The first time, I had an ambitious afternoon of errands and thought 2 gummies of about 10mg would help pass the time without wiping me out. They kicked pretty quickly and I was a little slow getting out the door… I’m not sure where the time went, lol. It must have been in an indica-induced stupor while I went through my usual routine, but it was never unpleasant. I had to kick off of slow-mo when I left the house, and accomplished my errands efficiently and agreeably. I was truly in a great mood.

I tried them again when I was cleaning the house. Based on the previous experience, I only took one (~5mg) and had it with an espresso. I was a cleaning machine! In fact, I might never clean again without Plus gummies and Nespresso. In about three hours, I clean and sorted my way through so many items that had been on my to-do list. I even sharpened the knives, which I’ve never done before. This was a whole new level of productivity and efficiency under the influence. In fact, when the gummies finally wore off and I took a few hits of flower to keep it going… it didn’t. I was back to dumb and lazy, and I couldn’t even figure out how to get everything I took out of the cabinet back into it. But with only the Plus, I was firing on all cylinders. Despite being an indica, my mental agility was very high, as was my general mood and attitude.

I’ve also taken these to sit on the couch, and enjoyed myself and had a very positive mood and attitude. I didn’t get super stoned. I could have taken more, but I think these are just a nice clean high without the lazy effects of other indicas. So, I just had two more and I’m off to take care of business…